EVENTS – Recycling at Miami Children’s Museum

Work of DesignLab students inspires Miami Children’s Museum visitors:
One of our favorite project ever at DesignLab Miami is our recycling project. The idea of making useable, wearable fashion from lunchbox throwaways is so “DesignLab”.

After our successful fashion show at the Ruth K Broad K-8 Carnival and all the wonderful comments we received, we wanted to the momentum going and continue reaching out to the community to show kids and adults that people CAN make a difference with caring and creativity.

Word made its was to the Miami Children’s Museum and they were so impressed with the work they decided to not only exhibit it for the entire month of May, but also to add a special daily activity! As part of the exhibition, every day in the art studio, kids are making projects out of recycled materials inspired by the creations of the kids from DesignLab. Stop in and check it out. You’ll never look at a Capri-Sun pouch the same way!!

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