But wait!…there’s even more going on at DesignLab!

We’re always offering new and exciting classes at the studio. Here are just a few but please contact us for additional information!

Sewing Classes: Recycle/Up-cycle, Sustainable Materials, Technology in Fashion, and more.

We also help kids prepare their portfolios for design school admission interviews and presentations.

DesignLab offers a fully integrated design and technology experience. You will design your own textiles digitally and print them on your fabric; design and print 3D objects with technology such as the HP Sprout; and incorporate LED lights into your designs. The opportunities here are endless and whatever your goal or purpose – we can make that a reality! 

The DesignLab team is also passionate about bringing our incredible resources to Non-Profit Organizations and being involved in outreach programs in the community. We also bring the DesignLab to under privileged schools. Reach out to us if you feel like we could collaborate.

*Registration/Release is only required for new DesignLab students. If you already have the form on file you don’t need a new one for new classes.