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“Forget dressing up Barbies and dolls. Young girls are learning to sew and design their own clothes. 7’s Belkys Nerey shows us where little fashionistas are being groomed right here in Miami, in tonight’s Style File.”

WSVN — Move over Project Runway. These little girls might be sewing their way to the top.

sf2Angie Cohen, Owner, Design Lab Miami: “It’s a place where kids can come in and create something incredible.”

Things are always humming at Design Lab Miami, where Angie Cohen is sharing her passion for sewing with kids of all ages.

Her lab is stocked full of fun and unique fabrics, and she has all the materials you need to create something fabulous.

Angie Cohen, Owner, Design Lab Miami: “We start with the basic project, where they can build the skill of sewing. They will go home with something they created.”

Kids start with basic projects, like a traveling pillowcase with a pocket or an apron.

Angie Cohen, Owner, Design Lab Miami: “The fabrics are 100 percent cotton, so they are easy to sew.”

Once they nail down those skills, they move on to harder projects, like a yoga bag or a knit shirt.

Angie Cohen, Owner, Design Lab Miami: “This project is more difficult. Because it is a different fabric, it’s more challenging to sew.”

There are also classes where aspiring fashionistas can go big.

Angie Cohen, Owner, Design Lab Miami: “They are learning not only sewing, but inspiration, fashion, pattern making.”

Eight-year-old Jacqueline designed and made this teddy bear dress she has on, and believe me, this little girl has big dreams.

sf3Jacqueline Ludicke, 8 Years Old, Aspiring Designer: “I want to design dresses. I want to design a big ball gown and people can wear it all the time. My shop will be crowded with people.”

Another young girl finished up a fun pair of pajama pants.

Rachel Attias: “One side is dogs, one side is cats.”

Nineteen-year-old Ava was always drawing clothes but didn’t know how to make them a reality.

sf4Ava Darmon, 19 Years Old: “I basically learned everything from patterns to sewing and facing a dress.”

Since Ava started taking sewing lessons from Angie, she’s made this cool handbag and re-designed an old dress.

Ava Darmon, 19 Years Old: “I looked at it and said, it needs something. One day, I brought it over here and started cutting in the back and adding beads to it.”

All of their ideas are creating a pattern worth following.

For more information, please contact us or e-mail angie@designlabmiami.com