Watch the video below to see how DesignLab Miami’s program worked for Ojus Elementary School and read about our STEAM oriented programs!

At DesignLab Miami we passionately believe that learning to sew goes way “beyond the dress”. The art of sewing, designing, and creating are life skills that can expand the horizons of any child. We have developed successful in-school programs to pass on our knowledge, creativity and passion to a new generation.

Children as young as six can be creative and develop their own ideas in fashion, printing, sketching but most importantly we empower them to see the potential and uniqueness that is in all of us and allow them to start believing in who they are. We offer the opportunity for any school and its students to learn and grow from the fundamental skills we teach. Our program has been proven to provide the following benefits to children in their development:

  • Enhances their self esteem.
  • Sharpens hand/eye coordination.
  • Enhances science, math, and history learning by providing real world application.
  • Involves reading and following directions.
  • Helps develop their senses.
  • Promotes problem solving skills and “thinking outside the box”.
  • Teaches proper handling of tools and helps develop motor skills.
  • Provides a perfect opportunity to have fun while still maintaining a disciplined learning environment.

We also work closely with Home-Schooled children during the week on Mondays and Thursdays.

For more information about DesignLab In School Programs, please contact us.